Buchi Keg
Buchi Keg
Buchi Keg
Buchi Keg
Buchi Keg
Buchi Keg
Buchi Keg
Buchi Keg

Buchi Keg

Various Flavors
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If you own a home kegerator or you want Buchi at your next event, our keg program is a great way to keep the Buchi flowing. Plus, you can save up to 50%!

Product Information
Size: 5 gallons
Servings: 53 (based on a 12oz serving size)
Shelf-Life: 10 Months
Coupler Required: Standard "D" system (American Sankey) keg valve

Free Delivery with a $40 minimum

casekeg 5 Gallons/Keg 6-12OZ BOTTLES/CASE



Answers to the most commonly asked questions about our kegs.

Yes! All of our beverages are raw, unpasteurized, and filled with probiotic goodness — which means they are perishable and require refrigeration!

Dolium kegs are single-use kegs that are 100% recyclable. We do not recommend refilling, but rather ordering a new keg when you're running low.

If you have specific kegerator maintenance questions, we suggest you contact the maker of your kegerator.

When you switch to a different beverage, we suggest cleaning and flushing the lines in between kegs. This will provide the best drinking experience.

The same alkaline cleaners that are used for beer system cleaning and maintenance can also be used for kombucha. There are naturally occurring enzymes in kombucha that deter biological growth in a draft system. Cleaning once a month is recommended, and acidic beer line cleaner does not need to be used.

The acidic nature of kombucha can break down a plated brass faucet. Because of this, we recommend using 304-grade stainless steel faucets.

If you're interested in placing a wholesale order for kegs, send us an email: dsd@drinkbuchi.com. At this time we don't offer kegs as a subscription option, but might in the future!

Yes. We can deliver kegs to a home or business address.

We try to price our kegs fairly and competitively. We aren't able to offer a volume discount at this time.

The keg wall is blended with a specific amber color which does provide UV protection. We do recommend, however, that you keep your keg out of direct sunlight and refrigerated at all times.

To support your well-being we use only the best ingredients and follow an ancient method of wild fermentation.

✓ Organic     ✓ Raw & Unpasteurized     ✓ Non-GMO     ✓ Gluten Free     ✓ Vegan

Our Ingredients

Quality matters. We remain dedicated to using the best ingredients for our drinks—because you and the earth deserve it.

Our Process

Method matters. We remain one of the last fermented drink makers still committed to following an ancient method of wild fermentation.

Our Promise

Integrity matters. All of our drinks are rigorously made to the same high standards.

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