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About Us & Our Drinks

Buchi is a community-centered, women-owned, value-driven business that was founded in 2009 out of dissatisfaction with the status quo nutritional standards that were being championed by conventional beverage brands.

Determined to forge our own path, we began brewing kombucha—seeking inspiration from our ancestral roots, and tapping into the traditional practices and wisdom of those before us. Our vision of cultivating health led us to create a drink with uncompromising standards—one that was nourishing, nutrient-dense, and alive with probiotic organisms to support the complex ecosystem of our bodies. We were amazed to discover that something so real and simple could be so magical and complex - and that our community was as thirsty for it as we were.

In 2016, Buchi opened the first commercial kombucha brewery in the Southeast, and expanded our offerings to include Kefir Soda. Now a subsidiary of FedUp Foods, we are proud to say we remain an independently-owned company who holds true to the belief that a drink can be more than a drink, and healthy guts lead to open minds.

Buchi is brewed and bottled in a town called Marshall, nestled in the mountains of Western North Carolina, on the banks of the French Broad River – right outside of Asheville. It is beautiful here!

Kombucha is an ancient beverage that is made by fermenting tea. It's an unpasteurized fermented food similar to yogurt or kimchi, and has been cultured by communities as a folk tradition for thousands of years. Kombucha is full of raw nutrients, and beneficial bacteria, including probiotics, that support overall well-being.

Kefir Soda is our non-dairy fermented probiotic drink brewed with heritage Tibicos cultures — aka Kefir cultures, Kefir grains, African bees, or sea rice (different names – same meaning!). Water Kefir, originating centuries ago, can be traced back to the Opuntia Cactus plant found in Mexico. Inspired by those before us, we created Kefir Soda, with refreshing, modern flavors that infuse fresh fruit with medicinal herbs.

Our drinks are raw and unpasteurized, so they need to be refrigerated. Once you receive your order, we recommend your Buchi be refrigerated 6-8 hours prior to opening, for the best drinking experience.


Your order will be delivered in approximately 2-5 business days, depending on the day of purchase and your location. Please be sure to check your tracking information to see when your shipment will arrive.

Yes! Your order is packed with the utmost care and will arrive in an insulated box with a cold-pack that is designed to keep your Buchi chilled.

Once you receive your order, we recommend your Buchi be refrigerated 6-8 hours prior to opening, for the best drinking experience.

YES! Here is how you can recycle your packaging:

The shipping box, tape, and notecards: These are 100% recyclable.

The blue plastic surrounding the insulation: 100% recyclable and biodegradable.

The insulation: The insulation is made from rocks! It's heated to a molten state, processed through a spinner which creates fibers, and then sent through rollers. It is not recyclable or biodegradable, but once it is deposited in a landfill, it will break down and return to its natural form.

The ice pack: Please reuse!

There is no minimum required for orders being shipped.

Buchi currently ships to North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia and Tennessee. We are keeping a close eye on requests for Buchi from other areas and intend to widen our availability as patterns of interest emerge.

We unfortunately cannot ship to a PO Box or to an international address at this time.

Local Delivery

If your order is placed before 11:59PM on Sunday, your order will be delivered by our incredible team on Tuesday or Wednesday. If your order is placed after that time, your order will be delivered the following week on Tuesday or Wednesday.

We would love to be able to deliver your Buchi within a specific time-window, but we unfortunately aren't able to at this time. Our delivery team is two people strong, and a predetermined delivery route helps us serve as many customers as possible. While we can't promise to get to you at a specific time, we CAN promise we'll get there!

Yes. For local delivery we require a $44 minimum order (2 cases).

COVID-19 Safety Measures

We are taking every measure to keep you and our team safe during COVID-19. Read our response here.

Our drivers are following the best safety protocols — for your health and safety, and theirs:

– Gloves and face masks are to be worn at all times

– If a driver touches anything outside of the van, new gloves must be used

– Sanitizing wipes and hand sanitizer are kept in the van at all times

– Drivers are given safe and reasonable driving routes

– When your order is delivered, you'll receive a confirmation email, for contact-free delivery.