November's Beaver Moon Reflection

November's Beaver Moon Reflection


The days throw long shadows in the last of the autumn light, welcoming the season for gathering. There’s time to prepare. The chilly mist on the morning river nudges the beaver to begin to build its winter lair. As each slender stick touches the next, something strong and stable emerges. What you are building now will be a refuge in the leaner months, a place of deep warmth, safe from the rushing river and its eddies. Your commitment now will be a source of deep gratitude. What traditions bring you comfort?


This is a season of nourishment and reflection. A time to look inward and take stock of what is no longer serving us, and what we would like to call in during the cold months ahead. Set an intention for the upcoming shadow season and find healing herbs that resonate with that wish. Cook a warm and healthy meal with the herbs, allowing them to bring you nourishment and comfort from within.


You are like heaven’s veils of lightning.
I cannot see till afterward
How beautiful you are.

- Twitter Bynner, “Lightening”