July's Buck Moon Reflection

July's Buck Moon Reflection


Growth becomes lush, profuse. Bucks are gathering supple strength. Last year’s broken antlers have been shed, while new ones emerge velvety and smooth. Every year, another chance is given to us. What, in you, could use a rebirth? Nothing needs to be forced, nothing hurried. Summer, with its hum and buzz, carries on with its rich, gentle plan. Let the season rejuvenate you from within, so that you might be fully replenished.


Sense a rejuvenation within yourself by performing a body scan. Close your eyes and take a moment to focus on every single part of your body. Feel your arms at your side, your feet on the floor and your seat in the chair. Assess each sensation as you move through your body.

Bring your awareness to any part of your body that is tense or tight. Focus on trying to soften or ease these areas and relax your muscles. Breathe deeply; release.


Joy is come to the little
Pink to the peach and pink to the apple,
White to the pear.

- Willa Cather, “Fides, Spes”