August's Sturgeon Moon Reflection

August's Sturgeon Moon Reflection


Late summer joins water with light. The sun breaks its bounty over rivers, lakes, and seas. Deep below the surface of scattered light, fish glide slowly among the shadows. What we do not yet know connects us to both an ancient past and an abundant future. Trust that what you need is just below the surface. Trust that you have the courage to follow it as it emerges. What is stirring beneath and calling your attention?


Take a walk in nature, gathering any medicinal herbs and edible wildflowers that you can identify. Collect any objects in nature that call to you; rocks, leaves, twigs, moss. Create an altar with the found objects and place the edible herbs & flowers in a glass jar in the center. Top the jar with fresh water and visualize it being infused with bright, white light from the sun’s rays.

Place your “sun tea” in a sunny windowsill, or outside in the direct sunlight, with an intention under the jar. Steep for at least three hours, up to a full day. Strain and enjoy, seeping in the sun’s vibrant energy and the potency of your intention.


It takes great courage
to see the world
in all its tainted glory,
and still to love it.

- Oscar Wilde, An Ideal Husband